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Network Administration

May. 09, 2019 Network Security

Most businesses today have a Network that operates within the office and often connects many offices. Network administration includes the installation, and maintenance of all the components within a network infrastructure.  A network allows users to share, and store information locally and remotely through components like servers, data centers, LAN (Local Area Network), Intranet, WAN (Wide Area Network), and internet.  According to, the national average for a network administrator is $63,584 per year as of April 2017.  For small and medium sized businesses, this may be an expense they simply cannot afford, but having a person to oversee your network is a critical component to the health and security of your information technology systems.

As a Managed IT service provider, NeverBlue IT is your affordable network administration solution. Our technicians will assess your current network situation to identify weak points in system performance and security.  If you currently do not have a network, we can help design and implement a network infrastructure for you. Our monthly support over the course of a year can cost as low as one-third of the salary for an in-house Network Administrator.

It’s very easy for your network to be infected by malicious malware just by the click of an infected email.  You don’t have to be knowledgeable in firewalls, servers, and other network technology to keep your systems secure. You just need to have the right IT Managed Service Provider on your team, and that should be NeverBlue IT. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make sure your business information technology is protected. Contact us to learn more about our network support services.

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