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Four benefits of IT support for small businesses

Jul. 29, 2021 IT Support for Business

Explore how managed IT services can increase your productivity and save costs

As a small business owner, you may not think that you need the technical support of managed IT services because you don’t have enough work to keep an IT team busy enough to make it worth the investment. Perhaps you’ve considered trying “break/fix” or by the hour IT services instead, but decided they aren’t proactive or responsive enough to make it worth your time or money either. 

Despite your likely skepticism, paying a flat rate for IT support will ultimately save you more money rather than outsourcing temporary services every time you encounter an issue you can’t solve yourself. The right IT support for small businesses will make regular visits to your office or business location to offer proactive services and preventive measures to reduce issues before they occur.  

Keep reading to discover the 4 benefits of having IT support for your small business. 


Benefit #1: Receive continuous IT support and advice.

IT support for small businesses means that you have constant access to a variety of IT services and professionals who will be able to identify which hardware and software solutions will best benefit your business or organization.

They will be able to keep your systems up to date and ensure that you are made aware of any technological advancements that could improve your workflow and business efficiency. If you run into an unexpected issue, some IT companies even offer a 24/7 help desk should a question arise at any time, night or day. 


Benefit #2: Increased productivity and education for staff.

Constantly dealing with technology hold ups can greatly reduce your employees’ overall productivity. Partnering with an IT team that makes regular visits to your office ensures that all technology is running smoothly which allows you and your staff more time to focus on growth, clients, and keeping your core business running.

Additionally, the right managed IT team will be able to educate your staff on any trends amongst hackers and how to prevent and respond to them. Encourage your staff to create passwords that are longer than 8 characters in length, that don’t include anything personally identifiable, and that feature uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. No password should be used for more than one login.


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Benefit #3: Saved costs and increased flexibility.

An experienced IT team will allow you to scale their services up and down based on the needs of your business. A custom service plan will allow you to minimize expenses, so that you pay less than you would for a full-time IT professional. This also allows you to save on recruitment costs, employee benefits, and the space and equipment an IT professional would need at your business. 


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Benefit #4: Boost your security.

Many hackers view small businesses as easy targets for their malicious attacks which is why implementing security measures with a trusted IT support team is essential to keeping you protected. Through regular software updates, security mechanisms, and system backups managed IT support services will help you safeguard your data and equipment. These measures will also ensure you and your client’s data remains secure and safe.


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In conclusion 

Every business’s technology needs are different. With IT support for small businesses, you are guaranteed to receive services that are tailored to how your business uniquely operates.

With NeverBlue IT by your side, you can trust us to focus on your computer systems, so you can focus on your growing business. We’ll make regular onsite visits to ensure you aren’t paying for services you aren’t utilizing. Our service agreements are month-to-month, so you can elect to reduce or increase our onsite visits as your needs change.


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