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Cyber Security

Keep your business protected from online threats with a cyber security service tailored to you.

Who has access to your business data?

A data breach can have serious consequences for your business. When your security vulnerabilities are exploited, it can cause not only data loss and downtime—but can also pose legal issues, too. And with data breaches on the rise worldwide, it’s never been more critically important to keep your private business data secured.

What a lot of businesses don’t realize is that it’s easier than you think to access your data—even when it’s in the cloud. While you can control the people in contact with your data if it’s in-house, it’s often a different story when your data is stored in a third-party cloud facility.

Firewalls are a great way to keep your business protected. But, unfortunately, they’re useless if they’ve not been set up correctly.

How can someone breach a network?

A data breach can take place over the course of a few days, or in a matter of moments. A breach can occur from a complex algorithm placed within your network by a “hacker”, or they can come from something as simple as an employee unknowingly opening an infected email.

You’ve probably heard terms such as malware, ransomware and virus, but what about a disgruntled ex-employee? It’s important to have procedures in place to avoid internal data breaches as well.

Our Cyber Security approach

It’s crucial that business leaders take their cyber security seriously, and we’re here to help. We’re proud to support businesses in Central Florida and Southeast Michigan by keeping their data safe with our tailored Cyber Security service.

Partner with us and you’ll enjoy:

  • Network Vulnerability Review

    We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your directories, files and all other areas of your IT infrastructure to pinpoint any weak spots.
  • Cyber Security Implementation

    Next, we’ll make recommendations on how to increase your security level to keep your business protected from online threats. Once we’ve sat down with you to review everything, we’ll proceed to implement the proposed security measures to upgrade your system.
  • Continued Education and Training

    We’ll coach your team on best practices to reduce the risk of a data breach and keep your business safe. Our training includes hardware and software advice, password security, how to identify an email scam, and more.

We’re proud to be the chosen IT partner of leading law firms, banking institutions, credit unions, manufacturing firms and more.

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  • I rely on NeverBlue IT for their professionalism and expertise to stay ahead.

    Reliability and consistency are the most important assets of an IT team. I rely on the wide spectrum of services provided by NeverBlue IT that include future-proofing and secure systems. I am pleased with our recent Cambium services at our construction and property management sites. We intend on upgrading to a new Allworx phone system in 2021, allowing us to expand on our virtual office setups, as needed.

    As fast as technology moves today, I rely on NeverBlue IT for their professionalism and expertise to stay ahead of the technology ball while tackling our daily challenges, which gives me more time to focus on ever-changing industry requirements and projects.

    ContraVest and NeverBlue IT just celebrated our 2-year anniversary and we look forward to growing with NeverBlue at our side.

    — Wendy M., ContraVest (Florida)

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