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NeverBlue IT is a Ruckus Ready Channel Partner

As a Ruckus Ready Channel Partner, we’re proud to be officially authorized to sell and install state of the art Ruckus wireless systems for businesses across Central Florida and Southeast Michigan.

We believe that Ruckus is the future of WiFi, and what their technology has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. 

Are you concerned about the coverage, stability and speed of your wireless networks? Have you (or your visiting customers) ever been frustrated by slow speeds or dead zones in your workplace?

Ruckus’ patented Smart WiFi technology is the breakthrough your business deserves to banish these annoyances once and for all.

How does a Ruckus business wireless system work?

Smart WiFi combines sophisticated algorithms for best-path-selection with high-gain adaptive antenna technology to dynamically form and direct WiFi signals over the highest performance paths.

You can enjoy these business benefits:

  • A new standard of WiFi performance, with exceptional coverage and speed
  • Future proof your network by staying ahead of the cutting edge of technology
  • Great discounts for you, thanks to our Ruckus Ready Channel Partner status
  • A powerful wireless system tailored to you, built by our experienced technicians

Give your business the speed and agility it needs with a Ruckus wireless system.

Our customers deserve the best in connectivity technology—which is why we choose to be a Ruckus Ready Channel Partner. Take advantage of this partnership to give your business the advanced wireless system it needs, at a great price.

When you choose us, what you’ll also get is the best possible service. At NeverBlue IT, we believe in treating every client as if they are our only client, focusing on your needs and recommending the best wireless solutions for your specific situation.

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