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IT Services for Law Firms

Keep your data secure and confidential with our tailored managed IT package

Built for law firms, tailored to you

With over 30 years of experience supporting businesses in the legal industry, we understand the unique IT challenges that law firms face.

Partner with us and you’ll enjoy these benefits for your firm:

  • Improved communication
  • More efficient processes
  • Saved time and money
  • Better served clients
  • Increased security of sensitive information

Why does my law firm need managed IT services?

As a lawyer, you know that security and confidentiality are vital to protecting your clients and the operations of a successful firm. With sensitive data increasingly being passed through virtual channels, it’s essential to enlist the support of a trusted IT partner.

With specialized IT support, your law firm can benefit from:

  • Increased protection of confidential information to maintain attorney-client privilege
  • Guaranteed safe data storage and backup to prevent the loss of critical legal documents
  • Advice from technical experts to ensure your technology is helping your firm, not slowing it down
  • Best online security practices taught to employees to keep their data safe and stay smart online

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What should my firm look for in an IT partner?

In an industry as saturated as IT, it’s important to consider what your firm is looking for to find the right IT partner to help you maintain security of sensitive data, evade cyber attacks, and spend more time focusing on your day-to-day responsibilities. To determine the best managed IT service provider for your firm, consider your preferences among these factors:

  • Onsite vs. Remote Support

    Every managed IT service provider offers a different level of onsite and remote IT support to their clients. There’s no right or wrong amount, it simply depends on the needs of your firm and what kind of support your team is seeking. Consider this: Do you primarily want remote solutions from a provider that only visits your office when necessary? Or do you want a provider that visits your office frequently to provide proactive solutions, and offers easy remote solutions as needed?
  • Method of Service Pricing

    As a lawyer, you understand that time is money, so be sure to select an IT partner that won’t require you to pay any extra fees, ever. Many managed IT service providers will claim that their services are priced at a flat rate, but they often charge more for onsite visits, after hours support calls, and special projects. Work with an IT partner that charges a fixed price to their managed IT clients for any services from after hours and emergency calls to scheduled and onsite visits.
  • Types of Services Available

    When searching for a provider, choose an IT company that offers a variety of services to their legal clients. In addition to performing maintenance and monitoring your systems, select the one that will consult with your team on technology purchases, offer cyber security training to your attorneys and staff, and take care of any other technology needs. Ensure they offer proactive managed IT services to guarantee someone’s always keeping an eye on your firm’s IT needs.

We’re proud to be the chosen IT partner of leading law firms in Central Florida and Southeast Michigan.

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Our IT services for law firms

With expertise in serving law firms of all sizes throughout Central Florida and Southeast Michigan, our legal IT services are comprehensive and thorough to provide all the managed IT support your attorneys, paralegals, and staff need.

Our team will manage all aspects of your business technology to improve your operational efficiency and reduce your tech-related expenses. We’ll regularly visit your firm’s office to proactively monitor systems and encourage your team to seek us out for help with IT problems before they become major issues—all included in our fixed monthly price.

Along with your network and workstation, we can provide support for your firm’s phone system, keyless entry, alarm systems, and more. We’ll also maintain your network security and administration, manage your servers, and provide any other technology services needed such as creating a business continuity plan or providing IT disaster recovery services.

Our process for supporting legal teams

Meet your team

and tell us your challenges

After you become our client, our onboarding process begins by meeting your NeverBlue IT team lead and backup technician. We’ll conduct a document inventory to itemize your computers, systems, and passwords. If needed, we’ll work with your existing IT service provider to manage the transition on your behalf.

Next, we’ll sit down with you to learn about the IT issues that have been limiting your team. We’ll create a list of problems and work off-hours to resolve them, and then return to your office to make sure everything’s working properly.

Set your firm up for success

from the beginning

We’ll identify any inefficiencies and recommend cost-saving measures that can help your firm in the future. We’ll also discuss the age of equipment and make upgrade suggestions that can help your firm grow.

Support that goes above & beyond

your expectations

If you have an issue or emergency, you can call us and we’ll be with you as soon as possible to get you back up and running. Your team lead will also make regular onsite visits to see how everything is going, and learn how else we can support you.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you charge by user or by device? Some of our attorneys have multiple devices they like to use.

We support the user behind the device(s). Like we always say, it’s about the people, not the machine.

Do you really mean 24/7 support? Sometimes our attorneys come in really early, stay extra late, and work on the weekends.

We really do mean 24/7 support. Our technicians are fully prepared to help users at any given time. We understand your work week isn’t restricted to Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM.

Does everyone have to go through the HelpDesk to submit a ticket? Sometimes our people are too busy and just like to pick up the phone to call someone.

We want our clients to be comfortable with their assigned technicians, so we encourage them to reach out whenever, however they are comfortable.

Are you familiar with the case management programs we use at our firm?

We serve many law firms, and we are very familiar with the programs they use, whether it’s Trialworks, ATO, NetDocuments, Tabs3, or something else. If we are unfamiliar with the program you use, we will quickly work to become experts.

Some of our attorneys work remotely from home or at single offices in a different city, can you still support them?

Through our remote desktop tool, we can help your attorneys and staff anywhere in the world. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, you better believe we are on our way to help you onsite.

What is your usual response time? Sometimes we need help immediately when an attorney is about to go into a deposition and they need a virtual meeting set up right away.

We always have a technician available to help, and we have senior managers monitoring tickets at all times. Emergencies are guaranteed to have someone onsite within an hour.

What our clients say about us

  • I would highly recommend NeverBlue IT as a full service IT service provider.

    NeverBlue IT has provided outstanding IT support for our mid-sized Michigan law firm for over 10 years. NeverBlue IT has been technically superior, responsive and cost effective in providing IT solutions. The personnel of NeverBlue IT provide our company with a range of technical services, and allow us to focus on our core business, while having a robust and well-supported technology system in place. I would highly recommend NeverBlue IT as a full service IT service provider, and we look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with NeverBlue IT for many years to come.

    — Donald B., Vandeveer Garzia (Michigan)
  • We have 90 people at our firm and they handle all our IT needs.

    We have been using NeverBlue IT for almost two years now and have been extremely pleased with everything about them. We have 90 people at our firm and they handle all our IT needs — from the myriad of day to day issues to the big picture hardware and software issues. When we had to move our office remote in March 2020, they helped us get everyone working from home in 8 days! They are very responsive, professional, and quite knowledgeable. When faced with a problem or purchase decision, their answers are practical and not filled with a lot of "techy talk". Five stars for sure!

    — ZKS Law, via Google Reviews (Florida)

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