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IT Disaster Recovery

Keep your business going even when the unthinkable happens

Get back to work quicker than ever

When disaster strikes your business, it’s easy to panic, especially if you’re unprepared.

The good news is there’s a way you can keep your business protected from unexpected situations. With an IT disaster recovery plan in place, a disaster no longer has to mean disruption and downtime for your business.

What’s considered a disaster for your business?

Since a small problem for one business can be a catastrophe for another, a disaster for your business could include any of the following:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Virus
  • Server crash
  • Power, internet, or phone outage
  • An issue that causes employees to work remotely

With such an array of potential issues that can have a big impact on your business operations, it’s crucial that Central Florida and Southeast Michigan businesses of all sizes have a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan in place.

Why you need a robust IT disaster recovery plan

Every year, thousands of businesses suffer from crucial data loss because they weren’t prepared for a disaster.

The key reasons you should be motivated to implement a disaster recovery plan for your business are:

  • Mother Nature can strike

    Although natural disasters can be tracked on the weather report, there’s no stopping them from striking at any time during a certain time of year. A disaster recovery plan can put your business in the best possible position to quickly recover.
  • Technology can go rogue

    Even though technology is constantly evolving and the right IT partner can help prevent most issues, technology is not immune to failure. A robust disaster recovery plan and data backup solution will keep your systems protected despite technology failures.
  • Customers are counting on you

    Whether you’re a law firm entrusted to protect the sensitive data of your clients or a credit union responsible for staying compliant to specific guidelines, a disaster recovery plan is an essential element of maintaining reliability for your end customers.

We’re proud to be the chosen IT partner of leading law firms, banking institutions, credit unions, manufacturing firms and more.

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Our IT disaster recovery services

With a focus on serving business throughout Central Florida and Southeast Michigan, the goal of our IT disaster recovery services at NeverBlue IT is to keep your business up and running no matter what the future holds.

Our experienced team will begin to create your IT disaster recovery plan by completing a detailed discovery. We’ll examine your current IT infrastructure, learn how you do business, and work within your budget to create the best disaster recovery plan to meet your needs.

After learning about your business, we’ll proactively plan processes and policies to help your business remain operational, even during the times when your business would typically be inoperable during or after a disaster.

Overall, we’ll work with you to determine the best disaster recovery options to suit your business, ranging from data backup, remote access for employees to work off-site, backup internet, and more.

How we uniquely support our Florida and Michigan clients

Hurricane protection

for Central Florida clients

From June to November, the threat of a hurricane poses the risk of costly downtime for businesses in Orlando and surrounding areas due to potential building issues and internet, power, or phone outages. At NeverBlue IT, we can construct the right IT disaster recovery plan to keep your business up and running throughout hurricane season.

Snowstorm defense

for Southeast Michigan clients

With the snowy period of the year falling between late November and early April, businesses based in Detroit and surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan are susceptible to downtime from snowstorm-induced power and internet outages. Our team at NeverBlue IT can expertly optimize your IT disaster recovery plan to withstand the next snowstorm.

No more disruption or downtime

for all of our clients

Backed by over 30 years of experience and a comprehensive range of service-first solutions, our team at NeverBlue IT is prepared to craft a next-level IT disaster recovery plan for your business that protects its data and keeps you up and running despite how big or small the disaster might be.

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Seven essential elements of a disaster recovery plan

Learn how to create an IT contingency plan that allows your business to keep going despite cyber attacks, natural disasters, and other interruptions.

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Frequently asked questions

Is an IT contingency plan expensive to create?

No, our plans are very reasonably priced and include everything you need to understand the risk and how to recover. Most basic plans are less than $500 with add-on services.

How long does an IT disaster recovery plan take to create?

All of our planning services are completed within the range of one to four weeks, depending on the budget and needs. They can take longer if the plan is a requirement of a regulator.

What our clients say about us

  • They make a difference in the quality of work they perform each and every day.

    They are an awesome team to work with and they make a difference in the quality of work they perform each and every day. I love the fact that it is a family owned business so they understand what small businesses go through. We have been with them since Mr. Roche visited us and made his presentation and they have kept their word on outstanding service! It used to be "INS" and now "NeverBlue IT" and the service level continues to impress me!! Keep it up NeverBlue IT team!

    — Pablo A., via Google Reviews

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