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IT Disaster Recovery

Keep your business going even when the unthinkable happens

Get back to work quicker than ever

When disaster strikes your business, it’s easy to panic. And it’s even easier to panic if you’re unprepared.


The good news is there’s a way you can keep your business protected from unexpected situations. With an IT Disaster Recovery Plan in place, a disaster no longer has to mean disruption and downtime for your business.

What does “disaster” mean to your business?

A small problem for one business can be a catastrophe for another. When we say “disaster”, it can range from any of the following:

  • Server Crash
  • Fire
  • Virus
  • Flood
  • Total Destruction


Smaller issues that can still have a big impact on your business operations include:

  • Building Issues
  • Internet Outage
  • Power Outage
  • Phone Outage

That’s why it’s crucial that Central Florida and Southeast Michigan businesses of all sizes have a robust IT Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

Protect your business with an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Every year thousands of businesses suffer from crucial data loss because they weren’t prepared for disaster. At NeverBlue IT, our goal is to keep your business up and running no matter what the future holds.

Why partner with us to create your IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

  • Detailed discovery

    We’ll examine your current IT infrastructure, learn how you do business, and work within your budget to create the best disaster recovery plan to meet your needs.
  • Proactive planning

    After learning about your business, we’ll help you create processes and policies to help your business remain operational, even during the times when your business would typically be inoperable during or after a disaster.
  • Recovery options to suit you

    We’ll work with you to determine the best recovery options for your business, ranging from data backup, remote access for employees to work off-site, backup internet, and more.

We’re proud to be the chosen IT partner of leading law firms, banking institutions, credit unions, manufacturing firms and more.

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What our clients say about us

  • NeverBlue IT has provided outstanding IT support for our mid-sized Michigan law firm for over 10 years. NeverBlue IT has been technically superior, responsive and cost effective in providing IT solutions. The personnel of NeverBlue IT provide our company with a range of technical services, and allow us to focus on our core business, while having a robust and well-supported technology system in place. I would highly recommend NeverBlue IT as a full service IT service provider, and we look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with NeverBlue IT for many years to come.

    — Donald B., Vandeveer Garzia (Michigan)
  • Reliability and consistency are the most important assets of an IT team. I rely on the wide spectrum of services provided by NeverBlue IT that include future-proofing and secure systems. I am pleased with our recent Cambium services at our construction and property management sites. We intend on upgrading to a new Allworx phone system in 2021, allowing us to expand on our virtual office setups, as needed.

    As fast as technology moves today, I rely on NeverBlue IT for their professionalism and expertise to stay ahead of the technology ball while tackling our daily challenges, which gives me more time to focus on ever-changing industry requirements and projects.

    ContraVest and NeverBlue IT just celebrated our 2-year anniversary and we look forward to growing with NeverBlue at our side.

    — Wendy M., ContraVest (Florida)
  • I hope every NeverBlue IT team member was able to keep themselves and their family safe during the crisis. Your team is part of the front line, and you guys count among the heroes. If your other clients’ experience was half as good as ours, NeverBlue IT pulled this off wonderfully! Keith ramped us to maximum productivity quickly for working from home, while preserving the capability to now move seamlessly back into our building. Thank you.

    — Steve B., The Surnow Company (Michigan)
  • NeverBlue is a different kind of IT Group. They are very responsive to your calls for assistance and are always available regardless of the size of your company.

    NeverBlue IT is a family owned and operated company and you feel like they are family. You are confident that whatever the issue, they will solve it.

    — Tina, East Orlando Chamber of Commerce (Florida)

Trust us to focus on your computer systems — so you can focus on your business.

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