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Why remote working shows the crucial (and evolving) role of your IT teams

Apr. 14, 2020 Business Insights

The unprecedented shift to working from home means IT teams are busier and more challenged than ever before


Your IT teams have never been more crucial than they are right now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a dramatic shift in the way that many of us work. Your IT teams have a critical role in the widespread transition to working remotely, and it’s their skills and expertise that will help operations flow as smoothly as possible.

For IT teams across the country, as well as around the world, setting up remote work environments for workers presents many challenges in terms of technology and security.

Let’s explore the key considerations for managing the move to remote working, and how companies can set their IT teams up for success.


Technology troubleshooting

For your employees, the transition to working remotely represents a major upheaval, made all the more disruptive to productivity when there are technology issues.

Will workers use their own equipment or will they use company-owned devices? How will they access the files and systems they need from home? Your IT teams are facing all of these considerations, tackling all sorts of technical questions, and more.

The companies that have seen the most success when managing this transition are the ones that have proactively planned for such a scenario. In the same way that a disaster recovery plan protects businesses from unplanned disturbances, a robust remote working plan helps IT teams get everyone up and running with minimal disruption to operations.


Security concerns

Big operational changes always have the potential to pose a security threat. COVID-19 has not afforded us the luxury of time, so it’s imperative that security teams and IT teams work together to manage the risk.

Cyber criminals are capitalizing on the malicious opportunities presented by the transition to remote work. Unfortunately, there may not be enough time to fully rewrite your established procedures.

To protect your business, you should focus instead on a quick—but thorough—rethink of your security policies. The first step should be to educate your employees on online security best practices, and consider if you would benefit from increased cyber security measures at this time.


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To weather the COVID-19 storm successfully, it’s essential that your IT teams have access to all the tools and resources they need. They may need additional training, upgraded equipment, or even extra personnel to help them through this trying time.

The result? You’ll not only help your IT teams rise to this unprecedented challenge, but you’ll also help them evolve to be ready to handle any other large-scale challenges in the future.


How NeverBlue IT can help you through this challenging transition

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