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Five warning signs your business computer has a virus

Jul. 06, 2020 Business Insights

Keep a lookout for these telltale signs that your computer has a virus

Computer viruses are not to be taken lightly.

Not only do they make using your computer difficult, they are actually created to do very serious harm. Viruses are designed to steal important information from your computer, such as passwords and business information—and some can even take over your computer completely. 

The key to protecting your business from the damages caused by viruses is education. Knowing how to identify the warning signs of a computer virus is essential to catching it early before it can cause lasting damage. 

Continue reading to learn five warning signs that your business computer has a virus.  

Warning sign #1: Your computer is running in slow motion

Is your runtime extremely slow? Are files, videos, and web pages taking a long time or completely failing to load? While individual websites can have internal problems that cause these issues, if the slowness persists on every website you visit it’s likely that your business computer has a virus.

Warning sign #2: You’ve been locked out 

Whether it be certain files or folders, your computer settings, or if you’re locked out of your computer as a whole, a virus is likely to blame. 

Warning sign #3: You’re being bombarded with pop-ups 

If your computer is continually spammed with pop-ups, this is a definite red flag. These pop-ups can even frame themselves as special announcements and pretend to be antivirus software programs that, once clicked, will install spyware designed to steal your information and passwords to important accounts. 

Warning sign #4: There are changes to your computer that you didn’t make

If you notice changes to your home screen, the appearance of new icons or toolbars, or unknown programs starting when you turn on your computer, a virus is likely the cause.

Another similar warning signs to look for:

  • Your email or social media accounts have sent messages that you didn’t send yourself
  • Your social media accounts have posts that you didn’t put up
  • You’re completely locked out of these accounts altogether.

Warning sign #5: Your computer is constantly crashing 

Viruses work in the background causing your business computer to work harder, which can cause your battery to drain quicker than usual. They can also cause your computer to freeze, shut down randomly, or show the infamous blue screen error. 

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Ransomware is on the rise! Is your business ready? 

The key to conquering computer viruses before they start? Having antivirus software installed on your company’s computers and a dedicated IT team to maintain your cyber security!

If you notice any of the red flags mentioned above, don’t delay in calling an expert. The longer your computer has a virus, the more damage it can cause. 

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