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Ransomware is on the rise! Is your business ready?

Feb. 19, 2020 Business/Online Security

Our top tips on how to protect your business from ransomware and its devastating consequences

By the end of 2021, ransomware is expected to attack a business every 11 seconds

And the predicted cost to businesses of all these ransomware attacks? In excess of $6 trillion.[1]

These eye-watering statistics show just how important it is to keep your business protected from unscrupulous cybercriminals.

Join us to explore more about how ransomware works, and our top cyber security tips to keep your business safe.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware used by cybercriminals to infect computers and block your access until a ransom is paid. Once ransomware infects your system, it will attempt to spread to any connected computers, shared drives and networks.

How does ransomware work?

Most ransomware attacks are facilitated by a malicious email devised to trick the recipient into clicking a link or downloading an attachment.

The ransomware identifies all the computers and drives on an infected system and begins to encrypt the files within each one. It then displays instructions on how the victim can pay the ransom to recover their data.

How can you protect your business from ransomware?

  • Keep your networks and systems up to date

The first step is to ensure that all of your applications and operating systems are fully up to date. Older versions often have security vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited by ransomware attacks. Pay particular attention to making sure your anti-virus software, firewalls, and email filtering software are always running the latest version.

  • Be prepared

This one is a business basic, but is all too often overlooked. Perform frequent backups of your mission-critical data, and be sure to verify them regularly. Store your backups on an external hard drive or on a device that’s not connected to your network. You should also have a disaster recovery plan in place.

  • Encourage employee awareness

A computer system is only as safe as the people using it. Educating your employees on online security best practices is an essential part of protecting your business from ransomware attacks. An experienced IT company can help you understand and explain the do’s and don’ts of online safety.

How NeverBlue IT can help protect your business from ransomware

It’s crucial that business leaders take their cyber security seriously, and we’re here to help.

Our Cyber Security service includes:

  • Network Vulnerability Review
  • Cyber Security Implementation
  • Continued Education and Training

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1: Cybersecurity Ventures

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