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How to optimize your IT disaster recovery plan for the next hurricane season

Dec. 08, 2022 IT Disaster Recovery Services

Discover the best ways to protect your Orlando business’s IT infrastructure and general availability during the Atlantic hurricane season


With the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season producing 10 damaging hurricanes, two of which intensified with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater, it’s clear that Central Florida businesses must have a well-equipped hurricane IT disaster recovery plan in place to avoid downtime and protect sensitive data. [1] 

Continue reading to explore the top ways to optimize your business’s disaster recovery plan for the next hurricane season. 


#1: Update your data backup and recovery solutions.

Within an IT disaster recovery plan, strong data backup and recovery solutions are often the most important element to ensuring the continuity of your Central Florida business amid a hurricane. 

Data backups can include local, cloud, desktop, server, and more, so it’s essential to consider how each can support your business and ensure their availability. Working with an experienced Orlando managed IT services provider can be a great way to get all the advice you need on the best updates for your business’s data backup and recovery solutions. 

The right solutions will allow your team to easily restore systems and files after a hurricane that has caused flooding, power outages, phone outages, internet outages, and/or restricted building access. 


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#2: Construct an employee communication plan. 

Although the ability of hurricanes to be spotted during early development allows for ample preparations, the impending threat also causes fear and panic among Floridians.

As a business owner, it’s important that you construct a detailed employee communication plan that allows you to concisely and quickly keep your team up-to-date on each step of closures or work from home policies to minimize confusion and fear. 

Your communication plan should include emergency contact information for each employee as well as messages to send to your team during each stage of the storm. 

In most cases, you’ll need to plan to have your team work from home (if you don’t already) to maintain business operations without putting them under threat by traveling to the office in extreme winds and rain. However, hurricanes often cause power outages and with the average outage in Florida lasting three business days, you need to prepare for your employees to be unable to work without power and detail how they can stay in communication with you despite an outage. [2]


#3: Reassess the categorization of IT assets.

When you initially created your disaster recovery plan, one of the first few steps you likely took was to take inventory of critical assets to identify the ones to be prioritized for protection during the hurricane or other disaster. 

The proper categorization of assets allows your business to determine how to survive in the short term before being able to restore functions to full capacity. If your recovery plan has not recently been revisited, it’s essential to reassess this categorization to ensure the success of your business in the event of a hurricane. Additionally, if you only have a general disaster recovery plan instead of a hurricane-specific one, it’s important to add in any specifications for hurricanes.  


#4: Enact or optimize cloud solutions. 

As a modern-day business, enacting new or optimizing existing cloud solutions is vital to proactively planning for a hurricane in Central Florida. 

The right cloud solution will safely store your data, so that your team can access it no matter where they’re working from, which allows your business to be up and running quicker than ever. Once power is restored to employees’ homes, the club will allow them to access the files and applications they need to do their jobs, even if it’s not yet safe to go back to the office. 


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Looking for assistance in protecting your business with the right hurricane IT disaster recovery plan?

With an IT disaster recovery plan from our team at NeverBlue IT, a hurricane or other disaster no longer has to mean disruption and downtime for your Central Florida business

A hurricane can cause building issues, internet outages, power outages, or phone outages which threaten your business with costly downtime. At NeverBlue IT, our disaster recovery plans will keep your business up and running throughout hurricane season with proactive planning, tailored plans, and detailed discovery. 


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