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Updating your Outdated Phone Systems

Dec. 09, 2019 IT Support for Business

Change can be difficult. Whether it is big or small, change can affect the daily flow of life routines. However, in our technologically-advanced world, change is almost unavoidable. 

A change made easier for your business

Did you know that you might be overpaying for your phone services? It’s true, most phone companies overcharge businesses on phone system installation fees and slowly raise the price of your phone bill as time passes. It’s hard to notice that your phone bill is rising since it’s just one of those monthly tasks you need to get off your plate. This problem can be avoided when you have NeverBlue IT as your IT Service Provider.

If you suspect that your phone bills are too high, we will perform a free analysis of your current phone system and phone bill to determine if you are being overcharged. From there, we can find a better solution that will save you money and even allow you to purchase an Allworx phone system virtually for free (including installation). See, not all change has to be difficult!

Why bother with the change?

If a lower monthly phone bill isn’t a good enough reason to make the change to Allworx, then there are a few more reasons that might inspire you to upgrade:

  1. The Allworx phone systems are state of the art with great features
  2. Installation will take place after-hours.
  3. We will train your staff to use the new phone system.
  4. We will offer you 24/7 Allworx support.

To sum it up, we are determined to make this change as smooth as possible for your business. Work days will not be disrupted, staff will become experts with the new phone system in no time, and any problems will be fixed immediately with our Allworx tech support team.

NeverBlue IT is on your side

We strongly believe in giving our clients the best prices and service when it comes to all technology in the office. The long-term partnership NeverBlue IT has had with Allworx phone systems has allowed us to provide our clients not only with better prices, but also with 24/7 Allworx support. This means that the minute you need to make a change as your business changes, we can have a NeverBlue IT employee out to you to fix it in no time. You might find your business running smoother with us to take care of your technological needs.

Already have an Allworx phone system?

We offer Allworx support for your phone system differently than other companies. With us, you will pay a fixed low monthly fee for unlimited time for any Allworx support needed. Other companies charge hourly for any small or large changes required, which can rack up a large bill. Allworx support with our fixed monthly fee covers any small services your business may need. If your business needs auto-attendant recordings and options changed, we will take care of it for you. We will also add your holidays to the schedule, add new users to your system, change call routing for auto-attendant or user’s presence settings, create reports in Allworx View, and troubleshoot any issues you may be having with phones or headsets. Basically, any change or issue your business is having with your Allworx phone system can be efficiently taken care of when you have NeverBlue IT on your side. We pride ourselves on the ideal that our clients should be paying the lowest price while receiving the best service. After all, it’s about people, not machines.

Why is a fixed price a better option?

You may be asking yourself why it is worthwhile to change to fixed price Allworx support. There are many worthwhile reasons that your business would benefit from with the support NeverBlue IT offers.

To illustrate the valuable features of fixed prices, picture the following scenario. You walk into work on a Monday morning knowing you have a busy week ahead of you. The first order of business requires you to make a call using your Allworx phone. The minute you look over at the phone, you notice the screen is black. You make sure it is plugged in and go through all the ordinary methods one would do when facing a technological issue, but you just cannot seem to figure out why the phone isn’t working. There are two options you can choose from in order to get your busy week back on track:

  1. You can go to your boss and inform him/her of the issue, clearly stating that your busy week is being hindered by this annoying technological problem. Your boss might guide you to use a coworker’s phone for now, because until more issues arise, it is too expensive to pay someone hourly to fix one telephone. You also do not know how long it will take for the IT person to fix the phone, which means you are unaware of how much it will actually cost to fix the issue.
  2. You can inform your trusty personal tech with NeverBlue IT that your phone is not working. The tech expert can be at your side within an hour and fix your telephone, leaving you with a working phone and a great start to your week. You have no guilt on your conscience because you know your business pays a low monthly fee for the tech to fix small, yet detrimental problems like yours.

As you can see, the first option would be how your Monday morning would go if you had an hourly tech expert taking care of your Allworx system. The latter option illustrates your morning with our fixed price, on call Allworx support service. Fixed price support can keep your office running more smoothly and set your week up to be as productive as possible.

Let NeverBlue IT free you of daily technological stress

Frustration can be a regular part of your day when you are constantly working with technology. It is easy to assume the world is working against you when your phone or computer crashes early on a Monday morning. That is why we believe it is always useful to be on-call, because technological issues can arise at any time of the day. With the technologically-advanced world we currently live in, there is no way to avoid the issues that come partnered with our advancements. Technology support is a frugal requirement that businesses need to keep a smooth operation. With NeverBlue IT, we not only support your technology, but we attempt to go above and beyond by providing your business with the best service and prices. We truly hope you let us assist your technological needs, whether that includes computer or Allworx support, and say goodbye to daily hindrances caused by your devices.

NeverBlue IT is a certified Allworx installer and one of the top Allworx resellers. Contact us with any questions at 800.470.7001.

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