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VoIP vs. landline: Which is right for your business?

Dec. 01, 2021 IT Support for Business

Learn the key differences to determine which phone system would best suit your business 


Phone systems are a vital component to your business’s communication process both internally within your team and externally with clients and partners.


When deciding on the best phone system for your business, it’s important to understand the types of systems available before purchasing. The two main types of phone systems are landlines and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which are very different from one another. 


Continue reading to learn about VoIP vs. landline phone systems, including their advantages and disadvantages, to help determine the best means of communication for your business.


The difference: VoIP vs. landline

Landlines are the traditional phone system that involves connecting copper wires from your building to your phone service provider, most typically found in older residences. 


Unlike landlines, VoIP phone systems entrust the Internet to connect phone calls together. This system has become more widespread over the years since it provides businesses easy access to phone communication through a new or existing Internet connection.


Both phone systems offer different pros and cons to businesses when it comes to reliability, cost, and flexibility.  



When it comes to which phone system will be most reliable, it depends on how much you can trust your internet connection. Landlines are often more consistent with their service as they are supported through connected lines which tend to not be disrupted, even during bad weather.


VoIP phone systems require a trustworthy internet connection to handle the required connectivity. However, strong business internet service is not difficult to access nowadays. There is also an advantage to being able to connect virtually with anyone, anywhere, and at any time through the global network connection. 


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Landline services will not help cut costs on your business communication efforts. They can actually become quite costly due to strenuous set up and upkeep as well as the high price of international calls. Landline expenses include possible set up, maintenance, and payment to a monthly phone service provider.  


VoIP phone systems also charge a monthly fee, but their services usually do not cost as much as landlines and require little upkeep. You also have the ability to add your existing devices that can connect to the Internet to a VoIP phone system which drastically cuts expenses. 



Since landlines require you to be connected through wires, communicating globally through modern technological advances is not an option with this phone system.


The lack of modernized flexibility of landlines is why businesses are moving further from traditional communication methods in turn for more advanced options like VoIP. For example, VoIP allows different devices such as laptops and tablets to be connected to your phone system network.


VoIP phone systems are also constantly keeping up with what’s new in technology and can adjust to the ever changing global communication methods since they are able to connect to whatever devices you’d like. Scalability is also possible with VoIP as the amount of users can change as quickly as you require. 


Which phone system is right for your business? 

With its ability to keep up with your business no matter the pace it’s moving, VoIP is likely the best option for you and your team. If you want a phone system that cuts costs, offers immense flexibility, and maintains connection with potential clients globally, invest in a VoIP phone system for your business. 


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