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How to choose between fixed price computer support and a full-time network admin

May. 25, 2023 IT Support for Business

Discover which option will increase overall availability and reduce your IT costs


Many business owners struggle with the decision of how to best manage and maintain the computers and networks that make their company run. The two top choices are hiring a full-time network administrator or outsourcing the work through a fixed price computer support contract.

While the full-time staffer might seem like an attractive choice, the reality is that when your computers and network are properly maintained by an outsourced IT support professional, your computer uptime increases and your overall costs go down.

Join us to learn more about fixed price computer support versus a full time network administrator to understand why the first option is likely the best fit for your team.


What is fixed price computer support?

Fixed price computer support, or flat monthly rate IT services, is an IT support delivery model that is competitively priced based on your needs and budget. With a flat rate IT Managed Service Provider (IT MSP), your company will receive the personal attention of expert technicians, preventive IT maintenance, 24/7 support, and an array of IT services at discounted rates.


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What are the benefits of fixed price computer support vs. a full-time network admin? 

#1: Cost savings 

Fixed price computer support from an IT MSP can save your company substantial amounts of money. Here’s why: With a full-time, in-house employee, a company will have to pay an annual salary of at least $40,000. In addition to salary, a benefits package for the employee can amount to about 20% of their salary, so about $8,000 in this example. That means the total expense to the company for the full-time employee is around $48,000 a year. Plus, an in-house IT employee will require time off and might not be available on weekends or holidays like your other in-house employees. 

Contrast this to a fixed-price IT support contract that provides 24/7 support, even on weekends and holidays, for a flat rate of about $1,400 per month. Over the same 12 months, the fixed price computer support costs the company $16,800. That’s just about one-third of the cost of one full-time employee.



#2: Access to a wide variety of expertise

In addition to cost savings, another one of the most compelling reasons to engage an IT MSP in a fixed price computer maintenance contract is the availability of experts in a wide array of subject matters. From network setup and maintenance to cyber security and compliance, the job of the IT MSP is to make sure their team has subject matter expertise across many fields.

As good as an in-house network administration might be, it is not reasonable to expect them to be an expert across all fields within information technology. Plus, since an IT MSP has an entire outsourced team of technicians at the ready, you’ll also be met with minimal down time and less employee turnover.


Interested in managed IT services for your business? 

At NeverBlue IT, our fixed cost pricing model for managed IT services is determined by evaluating the services you want and how much data needs to be covered. We determine the best price that covers all of the services you are looking for and ensure that it can adjust to the flexibility of your company’s growth. 

With our team, you won’t pay extra fees because even emergency support is covered by your fixed monthly price.


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