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Why your business needs the best endpoint detection and response solutions

May. 10, 2023 Cyber Security

Explore the benefits endpoint detection and response (EDR) can offer to protect your business from cyber threats


Now more than ever, it’s crucial that your business is protected from cyber threats. That’s why choosing the best cyber security solutions like endpoint detection and response (EDR) can ensure your business has the cyber defense strategies it needs. 


What is endpoint detection and response (EDR)? 

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is an ongoing cyber security solution tool that monitors all internet-connected devices seeking out cyber threats including malware and ransomware. EDR will effectively analyze and record data, studying its behavior while spotting any abnormal patterns, like malicious activity. Anti-virus software alone can’t totally guarantee that your business is safe from cyber security threats.

Continue reading to learn how endpoint detection and response solutions can benefit your business.


#1: 24/7 threat detection

Whether it’s your PC, laptop, or smartphone, endpoint detection, and response tools actively seek out malicious activity on a continuous basis.

One of the top EDR solutions is SentinelOne. SentinelOne redefines cybersecurity through its autonomous, AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices [1]. At NeverBlue IT, we proudly use SentinelOne as a reliable EDR solution. In addition, several of the world’s top enterprises that also use SentinelOne include Samsung, Aston Martin, Norwegian Airlines, and Shutterfly.


#2: Quick and efficient

EDR’s capabilities go beyond anti-virus software. Once an endpoint detects a threat, endpoint detection and response can instantly eliminate the threat. Once eliminated, this data is recorded for reference to prevent the same type of threat from getting through. 

Microsoft Defender is another highly rated endpoint security tool for corporations due to its rapidly-efficient threat detection known to detect sophisticated threats such as ransomware and nation-state attacks. [2] Microsoft Defender is a wildly popular EDR solution tool with millions of companies and individuals using Microsoft 365 worldwide. 


#3: Enhanced threat visibility

From phishing emails to spam texts, EDR’s enhanced threat visibility allows its monitoring system to find malicious data in all forms. 

It’s important that your business has cyber defense solutions across all types of technology. Choosing EDR combined with antivirus software can maximize threat detection, ensuring you’re monitoring a wider range of threats.


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To conclude

It’s important to remember that antivirus software alone can’t completely protect your business from cyber threats. Endpoint detection and response solutions will provide your business with total guaranteed cyber security. 


How we can help

At NeverBlue IT, we’ll coach your team on the best practices to reduce the risk of a data breach and keep your business safe with our comprehensive range of cyber security services. We are here to ensure your business’ cyber safety, with resources guaranteed to ward off any cyber threats. 


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1: SentinelOne | Why Sentinel One

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