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Top three managed IT services pricing models, explained

Jun. 14, 2022 IT Support for Business

Explore the different ways managed IT services are priced to help choose the best service provider for your business


When choosing a managed IT service partner as a business owner, the way the price for services is presented tells you a lot about what you would be getting. 

No two service providers set prices or include the same services in their IT packages, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for and determine a general budget before beginning your search. 

Continue reading to learn about the most common managed IT services pricing models and how each one can affect the services you will receive and costs. 


#1: Fixed-pricing (or value-based)

When it comes to managed IT services, a fixed cost (or value-based) pricing model is often the best option to consider.

Under a value-based model, your company will have ongoing support and cyber security protection for a fixed monthly cost that only ever changes as your company fluctuates in size or scope of services changes.

This model ensures that you are getting the best support for your money by investing in managed IT services that offer continual support. It also helps you manage your budget and avoid surprise bills at the end of the month.


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#2: Per user

Per user or per device pricing involves charging the client a single monthly price based on the number of users or devices that they are covering.

This pricing model is popular amongst managed service providers (MSPs) because it is simple and the easiest to understand for all parties. However, this model can become complicated as more mobile devices become involved and the amount of work from home employees continues to grow. 


#3: Tiered pricing

From basic to premium, tiered pricing is another common favorite among IT MSPs.

This model offers a variety of options for clients to choose from and provides room for growth or downscaling if necessary.

A downside to this pricing model is the possibility of paying more than expected. As a client, you may not be aware of what exactly you are paying for when choosing tiers, so it’s important that a potential MSP promises transparency about the differences between their packages. 


In conclusion

Pricing models don’t need to be the deciding factor of your search for a managed IT service partner, but they should be an important part of the decision. 


Looking for managed IT services for your business? 

At NeverBlue IT, our fixed cost pricing model for managed IT services is determined by evaluating the services you want and how much data needs to be covered. We determine the best price that covers all of the services you are looking for and ensure that it can adjust to the flexibility of your company’s growth. 

With our team, you won’t pay extra fees because even emergency support is covered by your fixed monthly price. 


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