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How workplace technology is helping to make the return to work safer

Oct. 09, 2020 Technology Insights

Learn about the emerging technologies helping businesses overcome the challenge of reopening their workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic

Creating a safe return to work strategy has been the top concern for almost every business around the world.

After substantial hurdles to overcome in the past several months — including a scramble to organize all of the equipment needed for remote work — business leaders and employees are now eager to regain some form of normalcy by returning to the workplace.

But before everyone can return to work safely, employers need to ensure they have all of the correct health and safety procedures in place.

Join us as we explore some of the emerging technologies that leading employers are adopting to help them:

  • Reduce health and safety risks
  • Allay the fears of their employees, and
  • Keep their workplaces safe and productive.

No-contact temperature sensors

Businesses with large workforces need a quick, accurate temperature screening process. Amazon, for example, has installed turnstiles at the entrance of many of its warehouses that check employees’ temperatures with thermal cameras upon arrival to work. [1]

Distance detection

PwC has developed a technology tool that helps employers “plan, prevent, and mitigate risk to their workforce.” [2] The Check-In solution uses Bluetooth and WiFi signals from employees’ smartphones to detect how close they get to each other. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the employer can identify and notify other people they’ve recently been in close contact with.

Samsung and Radiant RFID have created a similar system using Bluetooth technology built into Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 devices. The system also sends alerts directly to the wearer’s smartwatch when employees are about six feet apart or gather in a group of more than 10. [3]

Wellness hubs

Salesforce has launched a full suite of technology tools designed to help companies safely reopen, including the ability to “assess wellness while respecting privacy and gain insights into wellness data by geography, office location, and overall workforce health status.” [4] Employers can view information from employee wellness surveys via a secure digital dashboard. 

Robotic helpers

With the ability to quickly disinfect large spaces, several robotics manufacturers are rolling out sanitizing robots to workplaces — including airports, hospitals, grocery stores, warehouses, and more — across the nation.

An example is the Breezy One disinfecting autonomous mobile robot (AMR), which can decontaminate a 100,000 square foot space in 1.5 hours using a patented, EPA-registered, U.S. government developed and tested disinfectant. [5] Developed by Fetch Robotics, the Breezy One reportedly eliminates 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria and the disinfected space can be re-entered in as little as two hours with no harmful residue or risk to employees or passengers.

What technology are you using to return to work safely?

Let us know!

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