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How to choose an Orlando IT company that best fits your business needs

Jan. 10, 2023 Business Insights

Discover the eight factors to consider before partnering with a Central Florida IT partner


Among the top five largest cities in Florida, which is the state with the fourth largest economy in the nation, Orlando is an amazing place to be in business, but it may not be all sunshine if your IT systems aren’t being taken care of properly. [1,2]

If your internal IT team is struggling to keep up with demands or your current managed IT service provider lacks the experience you need, it’s time to find a new IT partner—one that has the technical expertise and local insights to keep your business systems running smoothly.

Join us to learn the eight key considerations to bear in mind when choosing an Orlando IT company for your business.


#1: Assess their specialized expertise.

Many local IT companies will market their years of experience, but it’s also important to determine if they have specific expertise in your industry.

Regulations and technology needs vary greatly between types of businesses, so it’s important to choose a provider that has years of proven experience solving IT challenges for companies within your specific industry.

For example, law firms need a managed IT service provider that understands that security and confidentiality are vital to protecting clients and the operations of a successful firm. They need a local partner that can increase protection of confidential information to maintain attorney-client privilege and guarantee safe data storage and backup to prevent the loss of critical legal documents. 

Additionally, businesses within the banking, accounting, manufacturing, and educational industries should search for IT partners with niche expertise. 


#2: Look for technology partnerships.

A local IT firm that has partnerships with leading technology companies is better positioned to set you up for growth and success.

The right partnerships will provide your IT partner with access to the most up-to-date technology tools, while also being able to secure preferential pricing on the latest equipment on your behalf.

Keep an eye out for notable brand names like Microsoft and Dell on their website or specific solutions providers like Allworx for phones systems or Ruckus for WiFi. 


#3: Ask them about their process

When vetting an Orlando managed IT services provider, it’s important to ask not only what they’ll do for your business, but how they’ll do it.

Consider asking the following questions during the selection process:

  • What does your onboarding process look like? How long does it take?
  • Will I get the chance to meet with your IT technicians to talk about my challenges?
  • Will you handle the transition from our previous IT MSP?
  • How are large-scale hardware and software upgrades handled?
  • How regularly will you check in with my team?

A proficient managed IT company will be able to answer all of these questions to give you a good idea of how their services will work once you hire them.


#4: Learn what makes them different.

As a leader in your industry in Orlando, your team goes above and beyond for your clientele. When choosing a local IT partner, you should find one that will do the same for your business and all of their clients.

It’s very easy to find a hands-off, remote-only IT company nowadays, but what your business really needs is an IT partner with the technical expertise and local insight to support you in doing your job better than ever. When considering an Orlando IT company, this distinction can mean the difference between a harmonious working relationship, and a disastrous one.


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#5: Check the pricing models they utilize. 

When choosing an Orlando IT partner, make sure you understand the exact details of their contracts before signing on the dotted line.

Find out if they charge extra for out-of-hours visits or if you are locked into a minimum commitment period. Seemingly small details like these can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, so it’s very important to check their pricing aligns with your business needs.

In general, most managed IT service providers use pricing models such as fixed-pricing, per user, or tiered pricing. 


#6: Ask about the level of remote and onsite support offered. 

One of the most important factors to consider in an IT partner is the level of remote and onsite IT support that they offer. 

Since you’re searching for a local, Orlando-based provider, you’re likely seeking some level of onsite IT support, but that may not necessarily be the case. Are you looking for a partner that provides remote solutions and only visits your business location when absolutely necessary? Or do you want a partner that regularly visits your office to provide proactive solutions as well as easy remote solutions when most appropriate?

Be sure to answer these questions amongst your internal team and confirm that your potential IT partner can meet those needs before making a final decision.  


#7: Learn if they will work with your existing IT team.

If your business has an existing IT manager or team, it’s important to find out if a potential outsourced IT partner could provide supplemental support, instead of taking over entirely.

Some IT service providers require full control over the IT systems of their clients, while others are willing to offer a certain level of support to clients’ IT managers or teams depending on the needs that have arisen. Be sure to determine your needs and how a potential IT partner could address them before entering into an agreement. 


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#8: Find out about their localized disaster recovery plans.

Regardless of the size of your business, implementing a thorough disaster recovery plan is essential to keeping your business up and running through any type of disaster.

As a Central Florida business, one of the most important disasters for your business to be prepared for are hurricanes to avoid downtime and protect sensitive data. Try finding an IT partner with experience in creating hurricane disaster recovery plans to proactively set your business up for success. 


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Looking for an IT support company in Orlando?

We are proud to provide business across Central Florida with a comprehensive range of service-first managed IT solutions, backed by over 30 years of experience.

With a technology partner network that includes some of the world’s most influential and innovative technology companies, we’re proud to be the chosen IT partner of leading law firms, banking institutions, credit unions, manufacturing firms, and more across the Central Florida region.

Partner with us to serve your IT needs, and you’ll benefit from: 

  • Improved communication
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