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The advantages of managed IT support for schools

Aug. 09, 2021 IT Support for Business

How the right IT services can help you reach your educational goals


As an educational institution, we understand that keeping your faculty, students, and staff safe by keeping their data secure is your top priority. 

Since 2019, more than 1,000 educational institutions have fallen victim to ransomware. [1] With most schools moving online this past year, these attacks have only increased.

Utilizing the support of an IT specialist will ensure you are meeting your educational goals and increasing efficiency while keeping your data secure. Continue reading to learn how IT support for schools plays a major role in the success of any educational institution with the top 5 advantages.


#1: Secure your network

A secure network is the first step in a strong defense against hackers. Your managed IT support team will be able to implement security measures for your network which will ultimately result in avoiding data breaches. They will be able to help you block certain domain access points to protect your students, and separate networks between staff and students. 

Teams who offer IT support for schools may also be able to educate your staff and students on what to look for when it comes to any suspicious activity regarding hackers such as malicious links in emails. 


#2: Stay up to date with recent technology advancements

One of the main points of weakness that hackers look for is an outdated system. You need an IT team that will assist your school in regular updates for software and systems as well as help you implement a system that blocks attacks and responds to threats quickly. 


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#3: Backup and recovery

Regularly backing up your institution’s data and information will ultimately protect your school during a ransomware attack, reducing the risk of paying a ransom. Whether it be a user error or malicious system crash, you will want to ensure you have a cost effective recovery plan in place to get your school back up and running in as little time as possible. 


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#4: Mobile device management support

This past year, educational systems were forced to make the shift to hybrid learning, and some may continue using this model for the next school year and beyond. 

Implementing the best IT support for schools will help you to better support remote faculty and students now and in the future. Being able to support the use of different devices should your students choose to go back and forth between virtual and in-person learning is extremely important. 


#5: Constant IT support

Garnering IT support that is proactive and hands on will help to avoid issues and downtime. While tech issues can inevitably occur at any moment, being interrupted in the middle of a lecture and stopping your lesson plans is less than ideal. 

A benefit of having IT support for schools includes the ability to contact your team at any given moment, even during a lecture.


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To conclude 

Technology is an evident part of our future, especially in the educational field. Implementing safety measures and programs will help to ensure that your faculty and students’ private data stays secure. 

At NeverBlue IT, we provide managed IT services and local support to educational institutions in Central Florida and in Southeast Michigan. Our goal is to learn how we can support you in doing your job better than ever and as your IT ally, we’re here whenever you need us.


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1: Armor | 17 New US School Districts and Colleges Compromised by Ransomware, a Total of 94 in the Past 15 Months



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