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Three benefits of network administration

Mar. 14, 2022 IT Support for Business

Explore the advantages of hiring network administration services for your business 


Business data, personal devices, and company assets can all be in harm’s way if your business network isn’t secure or managed by a professional. When it comes to your company’s information technology, you always want to be proactive about protection and maintenance since it can become a problem if not continuously monitored. 


Continue reading to learn about the major benefits of having network administration for your business. 


What is network administration?

Network administration is the management of a company’s software system and continual support of its infrastructure. From the initial design to the maintenance, network administration is a vital component of keeping your business running smoothly. 


70% of small to midsize businesses are investing more in their digital capabilities¹ due to the tremendous work it takes to keep their network secure and protected. The larger your company gets, the more unmanageable your network may become if not properly tended. 


There are several duties that most network administrators are responsible for. See it below: 

  • Configure network hardware such as servers, routers, and switches.
  • Upgrade, repair, and maintain computer networks.
  • Troubleshoot various network issues.
  • Assist network architects with the design of network models whenever needed. 
  • Deploy and update company-wide software.
  • Manage servers and operating systems. 
  • Implement security measures.
  • Manage physical and cloud network storage. 


Consider the three benefits of seeking ongoing network management below and decide whether it’s right for your business needs.


#1: Proactive network security

Cyber threats are a constant in the digital world. Whether it’s a data breach or a cloud computing error, securing your company’s computer network is important for protecting assets and confidential information. 


Network administration can prevent minor breaches from turning into major ones or help avoid them altogether. Trained professionals will be able to identify issues in the network and design a better system for your business. 


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#2: Simplified daily operations

By relying on an experienced IT company, your business can focus more attention to what you do best and achieve optimal workplace performance. From integrating the network with all software to data housing and web hosting, let network administrators take on your technology infrastructure. 


With continual IT support and network monitoring, network administrators will replace complicated network systems with more suitable options like frequently backing up files on a secure server and offering a variety of convenient business resources. 


#3: Efficient resource allocation and cost savings

According to IBM’s Cost of Data Breach Report for 2021, data breach costs rose to be $4.24 million², which is the highest it’s ever been in the history of this report. 


A strong network is needed when your company’s assets and private data are connected online where anything can happen. Allocating resources to system administration can prevent future devastating costs. 


Instead of suffering hefty repair costs each time an office machine goes on the fritz or a cyber threat arises, hire expert information technology consultants to provide consistent tech support. You’ll not only receive speedy Mac and PC repair, but the network administration system will be designed to meet your data demands, like adequate hard drive space and virus protection.


In conclusion

Network administration is a crucial component to any growing business. Not only will your network be secured but it will be ready for the new endeavors that your company has underway.


As a managed IT service provider, NeverBlue IT is your affordable network administration solution. Our technicians will assess your current network situation to identify weak points in system performance and security. If you currently do not have a network, we can help design and implement a network infrastructure for you. Our monthly support over the course of a year can cost as low as one-third of the salary for an in-house network administrator.


NeverBlue IT understands the critical role your network plays in the operation of your business. With over 30 years of experience, our Network Design and Administration services are catered to your business needs and goals. 


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2: IBM’s Cost of Data Breach Report for 2021

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