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Top three tips to improve your cloud network security

Nov. 09, 2021 Network Security

Learn how to better tackle malicious activity on the cloud for your business


Cloud computing is an excellent way to store your business data, thanks to the flexible storage size, easy network maintenance, and accessibility from virtually anywhere. However, keeping your cloud network secure is essential to ensure that your data is best protected from cyber threats. 

Cloud network security can be maintained in a multitude of ways to ensure it remains a great choice for your business.

Continue reading for our top three tips to secure your business’ cloud network from malicious activity.


#1: Turn on multi-factor authentication.

One of the best ways to improve cloud network security is by assessing which of your business applications offers multi-factor authentication for improved cyber security measures.

Multi-factor authentication, or two-factor authentication, is a security lock that requires the user to complete an extra step before logging in to an account such as answering a text, phone call, or app notification through their smartphone. This is important for cloud network security as this allows for accounts on the cloud to remain secure against hackers who may attempt to get in with just the password.

For example, many businesses use Microsoft’s Office 365 to keep their employees connected and for all of their data to remain interlocked in one program. In an effort to maintain a protected cloud, Office 365 offers multi-factor authentication to their account holders. 

To activate the multi-factor authentication on Office 365 for your business, administrators should visit the Users and Groups page and follow the “Set Up” link in the “Set multi-factor authentication requirements” section. 


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#2: Utilize updated antivirus and antimalware software.

Simply having antivirus or antimalware software in your cloud network isn’t enough to protect it from cyber threats. These programs need to be maintained to effectively do their job. 

It’s essential to stay aware of updates and new versions of your antivirus software to ensure the protection of your cloud infrastructure.

For example, hackers can find a way into an older version of an antivirus software, and may render the software useless. Updates can include new code that helps fight against new kinds of threats. Using older renditions of antimalware may not prove to be strong enough against advanced malicious activity. 


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#3: Train your staff on email hacking.

All employees should be aware of the security tools for email hacking and how it affects not only them, but the business as a whole. Training your staff on best online security practices can be a great way to protect your cloud network. 

If you work with a managed IT service provider, they will likely be able to hold a cyber security training for your employees to learn more about important measures such as email scams. If you want to go ahead and get started, share these simple tips with your employees:

  • Ignore emails with random lettering as their address that do not match the person or brand they are trying to represent.
  • Check the email address before responding. If it does not match the email address that you are used to responding to or to the address provided by the brand’s site, then ignore it and report it. 
  • Do not interact with any clickable items or attachments on the message if you’re suspicious of an email.


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We will take the time to sit with you and get to know your business objectives and challenges, so that we can ensure our services satisfy everything you may need.   


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