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Top cybersecurity threats to watch for this year

Mar. 25, 2022 Business Insights

Discover what cybersecurity risks are the most common among businesses 


Having an online presence and digital capabilities are a necessity for any business or organization, but it also comes with many risks including cyber attacks. From lack of employee training to forgetting to update your software, malware can find its way into your business’s network from all directions. 


Identifying cybersecurity threats can help your business further protect itself from havoc. Continue reading to learn more about the top three hazards that can potentially hurt your company’s network. 


#1: Human error

Most cybersecurity threats arise due to employee vulnerability. According to the World Economic Forum, 95% of cyber attacks have been brought on by human error¹. Through phishing attacks or other email scams, it can be quite easy for a ransomware attack to occur solely through the misstep of an employee. 


Employee training can be an excellent way to prevent these data breaches. By being able to understand what these scams may look like, employees can help further protect the company’s network from common cybersecurity threats.


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#2: Inadequate maintenance

Consistency is key when it comes to protecting the business’s infrastructure as cybersecurity issues can be missed otherwise. The Internet is advancing and growing every day. Your company’s network needs to be continuously monitored and updated in order to be able to fight off those cyber threats that are getting smarter with these updates. 


Cloud vulnerabilities and database exposure are just two examples of key network maintenance that can be easily monitored with the right professional in charge. Consider hiring an experienced IT company to implement the ideal support for your business’s network data security.


#3: Lack of device policies and procedures

Remote and hybrid work is a new reality for many companies that may not have considered it before the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the increase of location varieties for these businesses, protecting the devices employees work on is essential for good cybersecurity practices and the protection of sensitive information. 


Bring your own device policies and procedures should be implemented for all employees using their personal technology to conduct business. These processes help keep any devices on the company’s network secure and prepared for possible cyberattacks from virtually anywhere. 


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In conclusion

The top cybersecurity threats are employee mishandling, poor network upkeep, and absence of personal device policies. Take into account the importance of your company’s network as business continues to thrive and grow. 


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1: World Economic Forum 

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