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Three benefits of managed IT support for your business

Apr. 15, 2022 IT Support for Business

Discover the ways that tech support from a trusted partner can help your business grow and succeed


Managed IT support is an outsourced service by a third party that involves the overall administration and monitoring of a business computer network and systems.


It can encompass many responsibilities, but it typically includes: 

  • Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure. 
  • Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response. 
  • Configuration, monitoring, and management of onsite servers and cloud services.


From network design to ongoing IT assistance, a managed IT service provider can offer your business the professional help it needs to drive success and reach company goals. 


Keep reading to explore the top three benefits to managed IT support for businesses.


#1: Reduced costs

The costs that come with IT network monitoring and upkeep in-house may be more expensive and inefficient compared to hiring an outsourced vendor, with one report finding that managed services can help reduce IT cost by 25-45%. [1]

Situations like disaster recovery and cyber security measures can be taken care of by managed IT support for a fixed monthly cost. Managed IT support can also save your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in staff employment and training.

When you hire a managed IT support company, there is a team of technicians with various levels of experience and knowledge spread across numerous clients. Think of it as cost sharing for your IT support. Your technician performs proactive maintenance to avoid issues, helps if an issue does arise, and moves onto the next client. No wasted time, salaries, or costs related to benefits.


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#2: Ongoing expert support

Seeking help from an IT expert when an issue arises can become a burden to your company productivity with every call. With business technology support, your company can focus on its main business functions without wasting time or diverting attention from business development and client services. 

When it comes to hiring an in-house IT employee, it’s difficult to find one person who is “the whole package”. You’ll find people who are good at general support, but have no clue about firewalls or servers. You might find someone who knows all about cyber security, but has no clue how to fix your phone system. Someone who can fix your phones, but not your printers. The technical team at a managed IT support provider is formed by a group of IT professionals, all with different backgrounds and different strengths.

Managed IT support wraps a wide array of technical support services into one rate: computers, phones, wireless systems, equipment purchasing, web development, security, networks, the list goes on and on. 


#3: Proactive services

A managed IT service provider will work closely with your business to ensure company goals are met efficiently. By being proactive with security measures and software updates, outsourced IT support can help your business avoid downtime by fixing issues as they arise. Your company can be well-prepared for anything that comes your way when it comes to IT matters. 


Ongoing IT support provides your network with proactive disaster prevention through remote monitoring and management of cyber threats before they turn into major issues. Through continuous monitoring of your servers and systems, your service provider is able to take on even the harshest of IT issues without taking too much time away from your business’s daily functions. 


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In conclusion

Managed IT support can help your business succeed and achieve goals efficiently. Don’t let the stress of your company network management take over your business function and let a third party professional handle your needs. 


Not every business is in need of similar IT support services. By working with an outsourced IT support partner, your business can choose from a variety of services they have to offer to best fit your needs. 


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1: Business Wire | Global Managed Services Market (2022 – 2027)

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