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Top six IT services for construction companies

Dec. 28, 2021 IT for Construction Companies

Learn about the IT services that provide the most effective support to the construction industry 


The modern-day construction industry utilizes a variety of internet-based softwares and networks. Many construction projects are run through software that can be susceptible to cyber threats, malware, and data breaches. It is crucial for your business systems to be protected and well-managed since they can have a significant impact on your operations, efficiency and reputation.

Partnering with an experienced and local IT company is an excellent solution to maintaining these networks secure and working properly at all times. Continue reading to explore the services that most benefit the IT needs of construction companies.


#1: Managed IT Services

Hiring a reputable managed IT provider will ensure that your company’s technological needs are taken care of by a specialized group of IT professionals. They can also be of assistance to any internal IT managers that may have too much on their plate. These services can include computer and other equipment installation and maintenance, training on how to use systems, proactive IT recommendations, telecommunication management and more.


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#2: Regular onsite maintenance

Working with an outsourced IT partner doesn’t mean there won’t be onsite services. Construction companies may be in different locations as they work on projects so the right IT partner should be able to meet wherever their services are needed. 


#3: Cyber security and audit support

Construction firms use multiple softwares and programs to run their business. An outsourced IT partner would help with cybersecurity support by running audits on the systems being used. This will help give the company owner and the IT partner an understanding of just how safe the programs being utilized are and how to move forward with securing them. 


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#4: 24/7 monitoring of key systems

Because cyberthreats can pop up in unexpected moments, an IT partner should be able to provide system monitoring to ensure the safety of the client company’s networks. There are many assets involved in the softwares that construction companies use such as mock-ups and accounting information. A 24/7 monitoring of these systems should catch any potential issues that arise before they become a real threat. 


#5: Data backup and recovery

Even if you have great processes in place, disasters can still happen, so it is very important to have data backup and a data recovery plan in place in case you have any issues with your IT network. 


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#6: Budgeting forecasting of IT needs

Technology is ever-changing and it’s important to keep up with it. By working with a strategic IT partner, construction companies can be updated on the latest softwares and devices for their business needs. They can forecast and budget for future IT necessities that will help you improve operations and grow your business. 


IT Case Study: 

ContraVest builds upon their development, construction and property management success with support from NeverBlue IT


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