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Why an outsourced CIO would benefit your business

Jan. 03, 2022 IT Support for Business

Explore the perks of working with a fractional CIO for your company 


An evolving business can be exciting, but it also inevitably comes with growing pains. Often one of the most difficult and tough to manage aspects is IT management, even with an internal team to handle the tasks.


As technology continues to advance and devices evolve to new heights, it’s important to acknowledge the need for an extra advisor to oversee the functionality of your business’s networks and systems. 


Consider outsourcing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for your business, so that your IT needs are attended to with an expert level of focus.


What is an outsourced CIO?

An outsourced or fractional CIO is a businessperson who comes in to take charge of all the IT-related aspects of your company. They monitor the latest technologies that could be brought in to help your team as well as bring a fresh perspective and new level of experience to your company. 


A fractional CIO is hired part-time for a fixed price rather than a full-time commitment hire. They can be a great addition to a team that may already have an internal IT manager, but needs support while they focus on business growth. 


What services are provided by an outsourced CIO?

An outsourced CIO can offer many benefits to your company’s IT needs and business functions. They provide expert insight into what’s best for your business’s technology demands and analyze both the staffing and infrastructure to identify areas for cost savings and overall enhancement. 


A great CIO will develop and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers to find the best solutions for your company through their high-level collaboration and communication skills. 


CIOs also spend a majority of their time exploring different ways to improve the business’s IT infrastructure and staff efficiency. Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and researching effective operating solutions are just some of the ways CIOs can help improve your company. 


What business benefits does an outsourced CIO offer?

Since hiring a full-time CIO can be costly or unnecessary for your business size, a fractional CIO can be the most affordable and effective option for you, thanks to their fixed-cost and no benefit requirements. 


An outsourced CIO will help coach your existing staff and provide an outside perspective on enhancing the teamwork between your IT and business departments. 


Interested in hiring a fractional CIO? 

With over 30 years of experience, NeverBlue IT has the best strategic IT support plans for your business. Our comprehensive IT plan offers the ability to work with a fractional CIO that is guaranteed to enhance the business and IT efficiencies within your company. 


We believe it should be people first, then computers. That’s why our onsite and hands-on approach will provide the best overall support for your growing business.

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