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5 Benefits to Managed IT Support

Sep. 15, 2019 IT Support for Business

1) Cost Effective

According to, the median salary for a Network Administrator is close to $60k per year. That’s just for a Network Administrator! For a general technical support person, you’re looking at an additional (on average) $35k per year. Add in some benefits to sweeten the deal and you are now well over $100k per year for a basic in-house support staff. For a small- medium sized business, or a non-profit, this type of expense is usually impossible. For large businesses, why spend that kind of money if you don’t have to? With Managed IT Support you cut down on wasted salary. What I mean by wasted salary is, when your in-house staff doesn’t have any problems to fix or maintenance to perform, what are they doing? Updating Facebook? Checking out the latest Snapchat filters? Why hire an in-house staff that may work 20 hours a week, but you pay them for 40? When you hire a Managed IT Support provider, there is a team of technicians spread across numerous clients. Think of it as cost sharing for your IT support. Your technician performs proactive maintenance to avoid issues, helps if an issue does arise and moves onto the next client. No wasted time. No wasted salary. Due to the way Managed IT Support is set up, it can save you 25-50% what you would normally spend for in-house IT Support.

2) Wide Array of Services

In IT Support, it’s difficult to find someone who is “the whole package”. You’ll find people who are good at general support, but have no clue about firewalls or servers. You might find someone who knows all about cyber security, but has no clue how to fix your phone system. Someone who can fix your phones, but not your printers. The technical team at a Managed IT Support provider is compiled of a group of IT professionals, all having different backgrounds, and different strengths. Computers, phones, wireless systems, equipment purchasing, web development, security, networks, the list goes on and on. Managed IT Support wraps a wide array of technical support services into one rate.

3) No Interviews

As a Managed IT Support provider, we know how difficult it is to find the right candidate to fill an IT support role. Not to mention, if you aren’t a technical person, how do you know your potential hire is truly knowledgeable about their field? With a Managed IT Support provider, they alleviate that burden for you. No more interviews hoping you hired the right candidate for the job.

4) Always There

If you have in-house IT support, what happens when that person goes on vacation? Has a sick day? Quits or has to be terminated? You’re left with a hole in your IT department that you have to fill and FAST. Managed IT Support gives you a team of technicians who are always there. Even if your usual technician goes on vacation, is sick or reassigned, there is always a backup technician that knows your system and can take their place. Critical emergency? We can’t speak for everyone, but here at NeverBlue IT we guarantee a 1-hour on-site response time for any critical issues. Our 24/7 locally staffed help desk is always available to help solve minor issues you may not need an on-site visit to resolve.

5) Proactive

It’s 9:30am, the day is just getting started, and suddenly your PC locks up. Yesterday, you opened an email that seemed legitimate, but turns out it wasn’t so innocent after all. By this time, other staff members are having the same issues with their PC. You have officially infected your entire network with a virus. Now, you’ll either call your in-house IT staff or call a contracted by-the-job hourly support person to quarantine and remove the issue. If you have an in-house staff, and your entire network is affected by a virus, the in house staff was not doing their job by making sure all your cyber security systems were up to date. If you call a contracted hourly support person, odds are they will take their time resolving the issue (after all, your business being affected boosts their business). Managed IT Support is a proactive alternative to the “on fire” way of thinking. Weekly maintenance is performed, systems checked and repairs are made ahead of time to avoid “fire” situations. Do issues arise from time to time? We would be lying if we said no, but if a critical issue does arise, because of the continued system backups and maintenance, it makes the recovery time that much quicker. The goal, at least at NeverBlue IT, is to keep your systems up and running as much as possible by being proactive instead of reactive.

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