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Top seven technology tools for lawyers

May. 02, 2022 IT for Law Firms

Discover the best legal technology that firms can implement in their daily functions to improve efficiency and better serve clients 

  In the past few years, lawyers have found that their work doesn’t need to be done solely from their office or the courthouse.   As the business world continues to adapt to a more hybrid office setting, technology tools are being turned into important components of how law firms operate with experts estimating that legal departments will increase their spending on legal technology three times its current rate by 2025. [1]   By utilizing the different digital resources that are available, your law firm will be able to keep up with the new communication needs of potential clients while operating more efficiently. Continue reading to learn how the top technology tools can benefit lawyers.     

#1: Cloud computing 

As your law firm continues to grow, traditional data storage as the only option can become limiting for your business needs. With cloud based network options, storing company data that is easy to access from everywhere can help your attorneys accomplish more while on the go.   Cloud computing prevents the need for all company devices to be linked to a single drive and allows room for legal documents to be safely stored in one place that is easily accessible through the web.   

#2: Upgraded phone systems 

Phone calls with clients regionally, nationwide, or internationally is a definite sign that your law firm is expanding its reach. To keep up with growing demand, consider upgrading your traditional phone system to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) so that you can stay connected from wherever you take calls.    VoIP phone systems are Internet-based and allow for features like uploading voicemail messages to the cloud. With a phone system that doesn’t need to be hooked up to a phone line, you can make calls from virtually anywhere and don’t have to worry about missing a client call ever again.   

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#3: Electronic document signing

Getting signatures from clients or parties involved in an ongoing case can take days when done in person. Consider implementing electronic signature software on your devices to help speed up this process.   There are programs such as Adobe E-sign that lawyers can download that allows you to sign documents in just a few clicks. Not only will the process of gathering signatures be expedited, but there will also be room for various corrections to be made to the document without the fear of losing hard copies.   

#4: Video conference calls

With 79% of consumers saying that being able to work remotely with a lawyer is a key factor in hiring a firm, online conference calls are a vital component to successfully running a modern-day legal practice. [2]   Video-conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have allowed legal activities to resume without the need of physical presence in a courtroom or law office. Don’t get held back in the traditional ways of meeting and implement easy-to-use programs to better your chances at client intake.   

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#5: Digital Shared Calendar

Keeping track of numerous lawyers and their schedules can be a handful without the right tools. Optimize your law firm’s organization of everyone’s schedules with a digital shared calendar.    Programs like Calendly and Google Calendar allow multiple people to be subscribed to a company-wide calendar that allows scheduling meetings to be done with ease and confidence. By implementing this tool, your law office can hold meetings with judges, colleagues, and clients more efficiently.   

#6: Cyber security training

Cyber security should become an even bigger priority as your law practice increases its use of technology. One of the leading causes of breaches in company data comes from the lack of cyber threat knowledge by employees.    By administering training on what these cyber attacks may look like, associates and office employees can help prevent them from affecting your firm’s network. If you firm works with a managed IT service provider, they can likely provide training for your employees on best cyber security practices  

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#7: Online payment solutions

The way you take payment for services is a key player in a potential client’s decision to work with your law firm.   By setting up a tried and trusted online payment solution, you can provide all parties involved with the ease of seeing exactly what’s being asked and when it’s due.    Billing management can take time away from what really needs your attention, and an online payment system can turn it into a quick and easy task. For example, Clio is a tool dedicated to legal practice management that provides services such as one-click invoice generation and electronic payment acceptance.   

In conclusion

Attorneys and law firm administrators should be constantly looking into tech tools that can help increase productivity, better team morale, and improve the client experience to help their firm grow to its fullest potential. From business communication to data storage, the right technology can transform any law firm to be client-focused and goal-oriented.     

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— Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe, Central Florida Law Firm, via Google Reviews


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