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Why IT disaster recovery services are crucial for law firms

May. 17, 2022 IT for Law Firms

Discover how IT services can better protect your law firm when it comes to disaster recovery


Disaster strikes when you least expect it. As a lawyer, you cannot afford to be unprepared when it comes to firm data breaches.

Cyber attacks, malware, and natural disasters are all possible threats to a law firm’s network. That’s why investing in IT services for disaster recovery is vital to the success and overall business functions of a law firm. 

With the unique challenges that legal teams face, it’s important to consider what IT solutions need to be put in place. Continue reading to learn more about why your law firm needs a disaster recovery plan and how managed IT services can help. 


Confidential information

The legal industry holds extremely sensitive data, and the network that contains this data must be well protected and prepared for any possible threats. 

A disaster recovery plan will support the safeguard of this confidential information and help avoid any major leaks or breaches. With managed IT services for law firms, you can focus on normal business functions while IT needs are constantly monitored and taken care of.


Natural disasters

There’s never really a timely warning when it comes to Mother Nature striking. Without the right preventative measures in place, a natural disaster could wipe out legal documents and data from your firm’s network. 

By having disaster recovery IT services, you can be sure that whenever the next storm comes—your business is ready to take on the damage. 


Human error

Mistakes happen. Links can be clicked on or emails can be opened without the intention of causing a data breach. However, human error makes up 95% of cyber security traced issues. [1] 

Managed IT services can provide the right training your employees need to prevent these targeted attacks. Ensure that no matter the hiccup, your law firm’s network is secure by having a disaster recovery plan ready to go. 


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To conclude

Avoid the stress of a data breach or other potentially catastrophic event by having the right disaster recovery plan in place. Partnering with a managed IT service provider will get all of your bases covered to effectively protect your law firm from threats. 


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1: World Economic Forum | The Global Risks Report 2022

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