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Why law firms need specialized IT support

Mar. 11, 2021 IT for Law Firms

Learn how IT support for law firms provides optimal security and confidentiality

The American Bar Association’s latest cybersecurity report found that 29% of law firms experienced a data security breach in 2020—a number that has steadily increased each year. [1]

The legal industry relies on security and confidentiality for the success of their firms and their clientele, but data breaches constantly threaten this success. 

That’s why specialized IT support for law firms is essential to the industry’s advancement and continued prosperity. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of specialized IT support for law firms.  

Protect confidential information

When it comes to the legal industry, protecting personal information is integral to attorney-client privilege. Your client’s information is being passed through emails, chats, and phone calls and it has to be protected no matter what. 

Specialized IT support for law firms will provide your legal practice with the comprehensive security measures it needs to keep your data safe.

When you partner with an experienced team of IT professionals, they’ll begin by conducting an audit of your systems to identify any potential vulnerabilities and make any necessary improvements. These improvements will effectively work to prevent external cyber threats from happening before causing any issues.

However, if a data security issue does arise, your IT partner will know exactly what to do to solve the problem before it becomes a catastrophic event that costs you time and money.  

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Guarantee safe data storage and backup

It’s essential for your law firm to keep your data safely stored and backed up to prevent the loss of critical private and personal legal documents. 

Data loss is catastrophic for any type of business, but especially for law firms that rely on research and information to argue cases. Your clients trust that you’ll protect and fight for what they need—it’s vital to your firm’s reputation.

Specialized IT support for law firms will know the most reliable forms of backup solutions you need to best protect your firm’s data. They’ll ensure you have the proper technology to be as secure as possible so that you can protect your clients, your data, and your business.

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Advice from technical experts 

Your technology should only be helping your firm, not slowing it down. However, law firms often find themselves with outdated systems and no IT expertise to help them move forward. 

Partnering with a specialized IT service provider for your firm allows you to reap the benefits of advice from technical experts. Your IT partner will keep you up to date on new technologies, be familiar with handling your industry-specific problems, and effectively improve your firm’s efficiency.

Your team will be equipped with better technologies and not have to worry about IT issues which in turn will improve their productivity levels and internal communications.   

Teach employees best practices 

Your team is made up of attorneys and staff who work hard every day to support their clients and contribute to the overall success of your firm. Their hard work is likely reliant on your technology, so it’s important for each member of your team to be familiar with best online security practices. 

With security and confidentiality as top priority, specialized IT support for law firms will understand that teaching your employees best practices is part of the job. 

Your IT partner will not only be able to provide your team with the right devices, but also the resources to learn how to keep their data safe and stay smart online. Employees are the first-line of defense against hackers, so it’s essential for them to educate themselves with the resources provided. 

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In conclusion

Partnering with a trusted, specialized IT service provider is essential to the success of your law firm in achieving optimal security and confidentiality. The right IT services are important for any type of businesses, but specialized IT support for law firms is integral to being a leader in the legal industry.

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1: American Bar Association | ABA Cybersecurity TechReport 2020

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