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Four best technology tools to maximize your business efficiency

Mar. 27, 2023 Technology Insights

Explore some of the best technologies that can keep your business running smoothly


Efficiency is key for any growing business, which is why many businesses utilize technology tools that can optimize organization, communication, and overall productivity.

Continue reading to learn about four of the best technology tools and how they can maximize your business efficiency. 


#1: Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software platforms are a top tool for businesses of all sizes to utilize to retain loyal clients and acquire new ones. 

In fact, 91% of companies with ten or more employees use a CRM system and 45% of companies said their use of CRM software increased sales revenue. [1] Some of the most commonly used CRM platforms are Salesforce, Zendesk, and Hubspot.  

Since most CRMs are very complex and offer a multitude of features at a high cost, make sure to look at all of the features and ensure they align with your specific business needs to decide which CRM works best for you. 


#2: Security and privacy tools

Now more than ever, cyber security is vital for all businesses. Scammers and cyber attacks are extremely common, so it’s essential to use privacy and security tools to prevent unwanted intruders. 

You can keep your business information secure by using tools like LastPass and Bitwarden, which can manage all your passwords and monitor data breaches. In addition to protecting your business, these tools also safeguard your clients who trust you with their information. 

It is important to note that storing passwords in the cloud still poses risks as it gives hackers the opportunity to access larger stores to hit the most victims. The best solution is to set up a locally stored, encrypted system that is isolated from the crowd and cannot be hacked. The right managed IT services partner like our team at NeverBlue IT can help you identify and implement a secure solution that is cost-effective and convenient for your users.


#3: Document collaboration platforms

Collaborative tools are meant to unite a team to work more effectively and efficiently. 

One of these top tools is the ever-so-popular Microsoft 365, which allows businesses to collaborate safely and effectively through multiple apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Whether you need to create a presentation, document, or spreadsheet, Microsoft 365 makes it easier for teams to work together on projects.

In addition to Microsoft 365, there are other collaborative document tools like e-signature platforms, such as DocuSign, PandaDoc, and HelloSign, which can allow you to get a document to a client and receive a digitally encrypted signature in mere minutes. 

Overall, utilizing collaborative tools can support your business needs by increasing productivity and improving your business’s efficiency. 


#4: Project/task management tools

Whether your team works remotely or in multiple office spaces, project and task management tools can support them in various ways by helping with organization and workflow. These tools can offer video and group chatting to stay connected on projects and provide a place to create task lists that help structure and schedule your busy week.

Some popular project management tools are Asana, Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. The work management platform Asana is used by over 114,000 clients to manage everything from product launches to marketing campaigns to company-wide goals. [2]

Keeping track of tasks and projects is essential for any business and using these tools can keep your business organized and efficient. 


Looking to improve your business with an industry-specific technology tool?

At NeverBlue IT, we have a people-first approach to IT that offers expert advice to a variety of businesses including law firms, banks, accounting firms, manufacturing, and educational institutions

When you partner with us, our team can assist you in determining what technology tools and enhancements can help you and your business work smarter and more efficiently as your trusted IT partner. 


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