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How to find the best managed IT services provider in Detroit

Apr. 21, 2023 Managed IT Services

Explore the key factors to take into account before partnering with a Detroit IT services provider


As a thriving 11-county area, the Detroit region of Michigan houses over 387,000 businesses, including 10 of the state’s 19 Fortune 500 companies, which accumulated a combined revenue of more than $387 billion in 2021 alone. [1]

With such a thriving business community, corporate leaders in the Detroit region need a managed IT services provider that can supply their team with top-notch customer service and a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that allows them to focus on the job at hand without technology concerns or interruptions.

Keep reading to learn how to find the right managed IT services provider in Detroit with the key factors to take into account before signing on the dotted line. 


Experience with Detroit businesses.

Although it can be tempting to choose an out-of-state, remote-only IT partner in this day and age, the localized expertise of a Michigan-based IT partner can be extremely beneficial to your team. No one will better understand the unique considerations of your Detroit business than an IT partner that is also based in the greater Detroit region. 

There are also certain IT services that localized expertise can make a huge difference in implementing successfully. For example, one of the most important disasters for Detroit businesses to prepare for are outages caused by snowstorms. Seek an IT partner with experience creating a snowstorm disaster recovery plan to proactively set your business up for success. 


Niche expertise in your industry.

Whether you’re in a unique or common industry, technology requirements and regulations that need to be followed tend to vary between different types of businesses. That’s why it can be beneficial to work with an IT services provider that has specific experience in tending to the needs of other Detroit area companies in your industry. 

For example, a manufacturing firm like Ford Motor Company that’s based in Detroit, needs a technology partner that understands they need specialized IT services that bolster IT infrastructure, manage cyber security, and reduce unplanned downtime to support their business efforts. 


Full suite of services you’re seeking.

Before you start searching for a managed IT services provider, work with your team to compile an itemized list of all the services you plan to render from an outsourced partner. Once you start looking through your partner options, it’ll be easy to remove the ones who don’t offer the full suite of IT services you’re seeking. 

Some of the common IT services you may want to consider outsourcing are: 


The right level of remote or onsite support available. 

An essential factor to take into account when choosing an IT partner is the level of remote and onsite support they offer to their clients.

Although you likely want some level of onsite support since you’re searching for a Michigan-based IT partner, you may also be looking for one that offers simple remote solutions to certain technology problems when necessary. 

Determine the level of onsite and report IT support you seek amongst your internal team and ensure that a potential IT partner can meet those needs before making a final decision. 


Fair and fixed pricing.

When you’re outsourcing any type of managed service provider, it’s essential to find a partner that won’t nickel and dime you for every issue you have, and that’s no different for IT services.

As you sift through your options, find out if they charge their clients for out-of-hours visits or if you’re locked in to some type of minimum commitment period. Explore the most common types of pricing models that managed IT service providers usually offer and determine which one will work best for your company.   


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1: Detroit Regional Chamber | Regional Overview 

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