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Data Center Services – Disaster Recovery

Jul. 17, 2019 Business/Online Security

In March, many of our clients experienced massive outages due to high winds. This has brought to our attention the need to discuss with our clients a Disaster Recovery plan, and a High Availability Plan.  A Disaster Recovery plan is designed for situations in which you experience a total loss of access to your data.  A High Availability plan is designed to prevent the interruption of business during minor downtimes. Let’s test your disaster readiness:

Is your data access protected from:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Virus
  • Server Crash

Will your business be affected if there is a:

  • Power Outage
  • Internet Outage
  • Phone Outage
  • Building problem that would cause employees to work remotely

If you are unprotected from these situations, you will need to make a plan before it is too late. There are several options available to help minimize the interruption of your business.

  • Data Center Services
  • Back Up Internet Service
  • Email Continuity Services

And more…

If you do not want to wait until it’s too late, feel free to contact us for a free analysis today!

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