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What are the benefits of specialized managed IT services for credit unions?

Jun. 12, 2023 Business Insights

Learn how credit unions benefit from specialized managed IT services


While the rate of credit union membership has fluctuated over the years, recent studies have shown that one-third of the country still has a credit union membership, due in large part to its lower cost option in comparison to choosing a bank. [1]

As a credit union leadership team, choosing a managed IT services provider can optimize how you maintain and secure member finances amid the difficulties associated with securely managing sensitive financial data in today’s increasingly digital world. 

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of specialized managed IT services for credit unions. 


#1: Cloud management

Choosing a specialized IT company to manage your credit union provides many helpful benefits including cloud management. Now more than ever, cloud software has become the most efficient way to store data, due to its low cost and remote accessibility. With the appropriate cloud management, all financial data will be stored securely in a cloud database managed by your IT service provider. 


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#2: Cyber security monitoring

Allowing an IT service provider to manage your credit union’s technology means your finances will be safely monitored and protected from all kinds of cyber threats. Cyber security is crucial for the safety of your financial information. Credit unions can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, but with the support of a managed IT company that specializes in credit unions, your information will be secured.


#3: Reduced costs

Another benefit to choosing IT service management for your credit union is a reduction in cost. A managed IT services company can work with you on creating a financially flexible plan that won’t leave you with extensive bills. 

When compared with Break/Fix IT services that only kick in when there is an issue with your business’s technology or an upgrade is needed, resulting in expensive, unexpected costs, managed IT services are much better for small and mid-size credit unions without excess funds to spare.


#4: Implementation of a high availability plan

Another significant benefit to partnering with a specialized managed IT provider for your credit union is their ability to implement a high availability plan for your organization’s IT infrastructure. 

In addition to an IT disaster recovery plan, many leading companies are utilizing high availability plans to improve uptime and business continuity during minor downtimes such as when a server stops working. It prevents your entire infrastructure from being out-of-pocket, while a part of it is fixed or updated. These plans must be constructed and implemented by a team of experienced IT professionals to guarantee its success. 


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#5: Trusted advisor

Working alongside a trusted IT advisor can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your overall credit union needs. This support is vital in many ways, which is why it’s important to choose a managed IT service provider that has proven experience and expertise within the realm of credit unions. 


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1: Statistica | Credit unions in the United States – statistics & facts 

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