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The no-jargon guide to Managed IT Services

Oct. 26, 2020 IT Support for Business

Your one stop shop to avoid being bamboozled by confusing tech terms

Many managed IT companies make a big mistake when explaining what they do.

That mistake? They forget who they’re talking to.

As a business leader, you need to know the importance of keeping your IT systems running smoothly. But what you don’t need to know is every intricacy of your network, your servers, and your databases. After all, that’s what you hired your IT company for!

When you’re talking to a managed IT services provider—either the one you’re currently working with, or the one you’re thinking of hiring—it’s off-putting to feel like you’re being bombarded with (and bamboozled by) a lot of technical jargon.

To help you demystify the confusing tech terms, we’ve put together a simple guide to managed IT services. We guarantee it to be jargon-free!

What are managed IT services?

Simply put, managed IT services encompass the “management” of all aspects of your business technology by an outside company.

The managed IT service provider (also known as a Managed Service Provider, or MSP) will take care of all the work required to set up, manage, and support your company’s IT infrastructure.

By managing all of your IT needs, your MSP may also be able to help you improve your operations and reduce your expenses.

Many MSPs specialize in supporting specific industries, for example banks and financial institutions, law firms, and credit unions.

What’s included in managed IT services?

The exact level of service will depend on your chosen provider, but in broad terms managed IT services usually include:

  • Technical support with computer, server, and network issues
  • Continual monitoring of your servers, networks, and systems
  • Security patch and update management
  • Recommendations on hardware and software upgrades
  • Installation of hardware and software.

Some MSPs also offer additional services, such as data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, and cloud computing management as part of their managed IT services. Everything that’s included will be outlined in your Service-level Agreement (SLA).

How am I charged for managed IT services?

Managed IT services are usually billed on a monthly basis. Some providers will charge different amounts month-to-month based on the services you’ve used, while other providers (like NeverBlue IT) offer a fixed monthly price where everything’s already included in one flat fee.

What’s the difference between managed IT services and break/fix IT services?

Break/fix IT services are basically a pay-as-you-go alternative to having continuous IT service from an MSP. 

A break/fix IT provider will come in to deal with problems as and when they occur. They charge per job, often by the hour.

One downside of break/fix IT providers is that they’re usually not already familiar with your infrastructure—so it may take them hours (if not days) to diagnose the problem before they begin to fix it.

Because of this, relying on break/fix IT services to resolve your business IT issues can often result in more downtime and larger costs overall than hiring an MSP to take proactive care of your systems.

At NeverBlue IT, we believe it should be people first, then computers. We hope you found this jargon-free guide to managed IT services useful. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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