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Five considerations when hiring managed IT services for businesses

Sep. 07, 2021 IT Support for Business

A helpful resource on how to choose the best IT service provider for your company

As a business owner or business manager interested in hiring an outsourced IT managed service provider (MSP), you want a partner that will manage all aspects of your business technology, ultimately improving your operations and reducing your expenses. 

Keep reading to learn more about managed IT services for businesses, so that you can use this resource as a guide when searching for the best managed IT service provider in Orlando.


#1: Onsite versus remote support.

Selecting between onsite and remote IT support can be a confusing decision to make. It’s essential to decide what level of remote and onsite IT support your business needs, so that you can choose an IT MSP that offers the services you’re seeking. 

Remote providers primarily give remote solutions and only visit your business location when necessary. Onsite providers visit your business location regularly and offer proactive solutions and team training while providing easy remote solutions as needed.

Some may think that remote providers are more cost effective than onsite, this is not always the case. 

Every business is different, which is why the proper research into both of these service styles and which one will work best for you is crucial.


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#2: Transparent managed IT services cost.

Like any industry, transparency is key in managed IT services for businesses. Finding an IT company that is able to provide accurate information on their pricing and let you know what to expect upfront will always put you in a better position than those who evade providing specific details. Fixed pricing balances the risk between a business and the MSP by allowing the flexibility of the utilization of services. 

You want an IT partner that’s committed to building trust with their clients, which often starts with providing them with a clear and concise statement of what they will be charged. 


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#3: Regular IT support.

Your IT MSP should perform regular maintenance on your systems to prevent downtime and keep your technology running smoothly at all times.

It’s important to work with an IT MSP that will cover more than just the basics by including VoIP/analog phone systems, keyless entry, printers, alarm systems, and more. You want to ensure your network security and administration, server management, and any other technology needs are being met by your MSP.


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#4: IT security experience.

The right IT MSP will perform vulnerability reviews to pinpoint any weakness within your network. From there, they will implement the best measures to secure your network.

They should also provide regular training to your employees to ensure they are educated on their technology systems—human error plays a huge role in many of the data breaches you hear about today. 


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#5: Clear communication.

No matter the technical specifications of what you’re looking for in an IT MSP, you want to ensure that you are able to communicate effectively with their team. Discuss expectations and ask questions about how they communicate with their clients. It is important for the channels of communication to be open so you can achieve the best results. 


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In conclusion

Ultimately, hiring an experienced and reliable IT MSP will allow you to focus on your main responsibilities and strengths instead of worrying about the day to day technology needs for your business. Your IT MSP will be able to provide you with the full confidence you need to know that your business technology is being taken care of. 

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